Can I ask the interpreter not to sign specific things if I am paying the interpreter?
The interpreter is bound by strict ethical requirements to interpret all said things in the presence of the deaf and to not interject opinion nor counsel or instruct.
Do I pay the interpreter on site?
No, you will be invoiced for time, admin and travel if applies.
Why doesn’t the interpreter sit at the back of the room where they do not disrupt the class?
It is protocol for the interpreter to stand or sit where the deaf can see the presenter and or follow the presenter if they move around the room. This is called Shadow Interpreting.
Why does the interpreter not help tutor instead of sitting when it is work time?
The interpreter is a non-bias tool used for communication and not effective as a dual role.
Why do we use teams?
Interpreters are prone to carpel tunnel and in lecture style assignments the interpreter may be assigned a team at a additional rate to render aid.
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