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Americans with Disability Act of 1990, referred to as ADA requires all businesses with 15 employees (for profit or non-profit) to provide effective communication to the deaf and hard of hearing! Another law to be aware of is “Ignorance is no exception to the law”!


American Sign Language referred to as ASL is the one and ONLY language birth in the USA and recognized as a ligament language with its own linguistics and syntax unlike English! ASL is changing daily due to culture and the aid of linguistics who define this extraordinary language down to the minute details from signs to nuances. ASL is anything but English. This language is based off of time sequences, mime, expressions and a mix of the English vocabulary. One enormous misassumption is one can write notes to communicate effectively. Actually, it depends on the deaf. For each deaf needs range, however most all are proficient at ASL. There are other dialects yet ASL is the simplest form of communication for the deaf to communicate, though the most difficult for the hearing to conquer. Therefore, through years of deaf struggling to communicate private matters with business entities and ill-equipped with accommodations, the call for the professional interpreter was birthed. Today you have national and state entities measuring the skills of the interpreter enabling effective accommodation. Due to the rigid benchmarks for the sign interpreter state test there is a 60% failure rate. Thus, creating an interpreter shortage. Today, interpreters are now traveling to meet the need. Special provisions are established to secure, Sign of the Times/Interpreters 2 Go LLC is your link to ensure you are offering effective communication. Beware, if they are not certified, they are not recognized as effective communicators. Professionally certified interpreters adhere to the strictest code of ethics concerning professional confidentiality nor interjecting opinion when interpreting. Such credentials conform to the HIPPA rules, Join Commission and regulations and privacy acts. Hiring professional interpreters is your insurance and reassurance that state and national entities have evaluated these interpreters to assure your legal responsibilities are met. Please don’t hesitate calling us to schedule an interpreter at your earliest convenience for your needs. To take advantage of our discount rate your call needs to be 48 hours in advance. Contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information, or call Dianne at 877.523.SIGN or 254.756.SIGN(7446). To schedule a request This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Office hours are 9AM-5PM Weekdays. We accept emergency calls 24/7.


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